The territory of Arabia is very wonderful and miraculous and it will retain this characteristic
even in future. It contains very large deserts. If these deserts had not been devoid of rains and
had been green and fertile this land would have fed the hungry and clothed the naked of the
world. However, unfortunately Arabia has always remained a desert. It contains vast areas
comprising mounds of sand, small and dry hills and stony tracts, which are neither cultivable
nor habitable. If farming had been possible this region would have been thickly populated, but
the position is otherwise. Although this territory is surrounded by sea on three sides, the rains
are very scanty and it is very hot during summer. It also rains in some areas which makes the
atmosphere somewhat cool. However, when the scorching wind blows it is so hot that trees
and plants become dry and even the animals die of heat. The Arab poets liken zephyr, which
always blows from the eastern side, with the breeze of Paradise. There are no perennial rivers
in Arabia. However, as and when rains come and the streams begin to flow, the people avail
of the opportunity and store water by constructing dams. This water suffices only for some
time. Camel is the typical animal of Arabia which enjoys a distinguished position as
compared with the animals found in other regions.

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